Cyber Attacks Are WAY Up and So Are Cyber Insurance Rates

Start Saving Money on Cyber Liability Insurance

Security Awareness Training Can Lower Your Rates

As cyber attacks have increased over the past few years so have the amount of cybersecurity insurance claims. As a result insurance carriers have been updating their policies with new requirements to get decent rates, or in some cases to get coverage at all. One of the latest requirements is that businesses must have and enforce security awareness training for their staff.

At Sphinx Cybersecurity we believe that cybersecurity education is one of the most important lines of defense against cyber criminals. We feel so strongly about this that we've decided to give away access to our security awareness training.

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You Get Access To:

  • Training Dashboard: Track your teams progress and see who could use some extra assistance.
  • Weekly Micro Training: Every week your staff will receive quick 5-10 minute trainings on a current cybersecurity topic.
  • Yearly Security Training Exam: Once per year your staff will demonstrate what they've learned by taking a full Security Training Quiz containing topics covered throughout the year.

Restrictions apply. Business must have between 5-50 employees and be in the professional service industry (Law Firms, CPA/Accounting Firms, Independent Insurance Agencies, etc.).

Security Awareness Training Is now REQUIRED by many insurance carriers. Don't wait until your carrier threatens to raise your premium or cancel your policy. Get started with training today for FREE!

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LIVE Training Session

1 Hour LIVE training session for you and your entire team with Cybersecurity Expert Ryan O'Hara from Sphinx Cybersecurity.

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